It is Time to Discover New Possibilities... It is Time to Discover YOU

Have you spent tireless hours trying to put together pieces of a puzzle you just can't seem to fit together?

Do you feel like you have done everything you possibly can to find health and healing and still looking for answers?

Are you ready for that "aha" moment and transformation to realign to your innate truth and live with purpose and passion? 

My name is Cynthia Clarke and I empower individuals to..... 

  • DISCOVER the Path Only You are Meant To Live! 
  • RELEASE the Imbalances that prevent you from Living Your Truth.
  • CREATE Harmony in Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit, Energy, and Relationships!

  After devoting several decades uncovering the mysteries of longevity and lasting health, my triumph has proven the power and innate gift we each have to heal!  This has ignited my passion to help others reclaim their own power and find true healing!  By tuning into my natural gifts to sense the wounds within, I combine my genuine love for others and extensive training & education to guide you uniquely on your path to wholeness. 

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FREE Monthly Community Class

Do you desire a healthier path but feel overwhelmed by the latest health trends bombarding the internet?  Have you been searching for support on your Holistic Healing Journey but not sure where to start? 

If you found a tribe that could provide well studied methods and tools without having to pay a ton of money... 

Would you make time to show up for yourself and gain tools to move you on a path to wholeness in Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart, Relationships, and Energy?

Join each month for our Featured Monthly Community Class!

EXCLUSIVE Yearly Membership

Looking for Unlimited Access to ongoing Holistic Health support in each Facet of Wholeness in Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit, Energy, and Relationships?

Are you ready to learn new skills and tools to find balance that best fit your personal ongoing needs? 

Connect with us in our EXCLUSIVE Yearly Membership that will give you a variety of educational and uplifting classes.


Are you ready to uncover the deeper roots that may be blocking you from living your authentic purpose on the planet?

Have you wondered how to put together the missing pieces of your unique blueprint?

Do you feel called to awaken to open your own intuitive gifts?

If you are wondering how 1 on 1 Sessions with Cynthia are the right fit for you, schedule a Free Discovery Session to gain greater clarity.

Cynthia's decades of research and training and personal intuitive gifts will support you in discovering and releasing your hidden blocks and reclaiming our own unique gifts and power!  Schedule in person or over the phone for a  Restorative Session.

FREE 5 DAY CHALLENGE: All Things Sugar!

Are you stressed out mom who is tired of riding the train of yo yo dieting, has moments of secret or binge eating, or keeps a sugar stash for "emergencies"?

If you had a step by step plan that helped you break up with your sugar addiction, without sugar hangovers, "hangry" mom rages, and being forced to eat only rabbit food...

Would you finally flip that switch that tells you need sugar to get you through the day and find a healthy relationship with food?

FREE CLASS: Chaos to Calm

Are you an essential oil junkie who is tired of buying oils and unsure of what to do with all those bottles in the cupboard?  Or are you a newbie to essential oils that really has no idea where to start to find a little bit of calm in your life?

If you had specific emotional release techniques along with done for you essential oil guides without spending a bunch of extra time...

Would you be ready to make the decision to move from chaos to calm in your life and be able to provide simple tools to help you and your loved ones on a holistic healing path?

CLASS: Calm from the Storm

Are you feeling overwhelmed from the  chaos bombarding the planet? Or perhaps you just can't seem to manage the chaos that swirls around your head, find yourself feeling easily burned out, or just not sure how you can possibly add one more thing to your plate of "to do's"?  

What if you had 5 Essential Steps to find peace & calm without succumbing to storms that rage around you as well as the chaotic messages of the mind?

Would you finally opt in to become empowered and the have the ability to create the life you choose?

CLASS: Embracing Imperfection

Stuck in the battle of perfection? 

Learn a simplified process to empower you to stop playing the game of never being good enough. 

Rise out of the faulty lies that block you from living authentically. Step into your innate gifts and love all of yourself!

CLASS: Feel the Fear & Make It Happen

Are you sensitive soul who is tired of being a prisoner to fear, stress, and anxiety? Or are you exhausted and not quite sure how to quiet the noise of the mind?

If you had a simple 4 step method that helped you take charge of your life and gain confidence in yourself without the worry about the next anxiety attack... 

Would you finally show up for yourself to learn ways to see fear for what it really is? Would you be ready to live the life you deserve while honoring that great gift of sensitivity?

CLASS: The Time is Now

Are you someone who serves others and gives from a well that incessantly feeling dry? Or perhaps you can easily compliment others but find it hard to accept compliments in return?  

If you had a step by step plan that helped you open your eyes to your value and inherent worth without being told that "if you only took more time for self care, life would be better"?

Would you make that decision to take charge of those negative messages that bombard you and show up to love and value yourself?

The Time is Now:  Find Your Value & Love All of You

In Class Cynthia shares a vulnerable story of a time in her life that woke her up to remembering her innate value and discovering the divinity that lies within!  She will teach you...

4 Steps to help you to uncover the roots to truly loving and valuing all of YOU!

Ways to Uncover the missing pieces to loving ALL OF YOU. 

How to Put yourself back in charge and discover that worth that lies within!

CLASS: Becoming An Empowered Teen

Are you a teen or tween who is trying to find a way to manage the messages of your mind?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the stress and anxiety that comes from growing up?

Becoming an Empowered Teen you will learn a powerful technique to help you recognize the lies that keep you stuck in negativity!

Uncover your greatest potential and realize the impact that positivity really does have on your life!

6 MONTH STUDY PROGRAM: 2023 Holistic Health & Energy Alignment System

Have you ever wanted to become the master of your holistic healing path and help others too?

Take a moment to imagine what life would feel like to tap into your own intuitive gifts and discover the answers you need to find wholeness!  What would it look like to live in alignment with health, vitality, and abundance?  How would it feel to be free of the bondage of trauma and experiences of the past?  Do you want a simple yet transformational method to get you there? Have you felt called to a higher purpose on the earth?  What if it was possible to become empowered and instill energetic harmony in mind, body, spirit, heart, and relationships!  Believe it or not, it IS possible!

When you access Holistic Health & Energy Alignment System Study Program you will understand the deeper answers that lie within the energy body and ways to release imbalances and restore into full alignment. 

6 Week Course: Learning to Love Yourself

Do you find it easier to forgive others than to forgive yourself?  Do you ever feel a longing to be accepted by others but in reality really just want to love and accept yourself?  

If you had a 6 week course that created a space for you to finally value and accept all of YOU without having stir a pot of wounds...

Would you decide to take charge of your life and let go of those negative messages for good?

12 WEEK PROGRAM: Empowered Teen Girl

The Empowered Teen Girl is a 12 Week Program that will provide tools and strategies to stay balanced amidst daily stresses, build greater confidence and self love, and discover the unique gifts and talents you have to offer the world!

MASTER TRAINING: 2023 Aligning Your Divine Essence

Discover Divinity's Aligning Your Divine Essence Master Training is your next level path of higher awareness.  

Discover Divinity's Aligning Your Divine Essence Master Training is your next level training after completion of the foundational Holistic Health & Energy Alignment Study Program. Build on your expertise of the Discover Divinity Session Protocol by going deeper into the roots of shadow work. Peel back more illusions and lies and integrate into the truest alignment of your Divine Essence!

By tuning into your innate intuitive gifts, you will continue to discover the answers you need to maintain wholeness and create health, vitality, and abundance. Use the advance transformational methods in this manual to support you in fulfilling your higher purpose on the earth. Continue to instill energetic harmony in mind, body, spirit, heart, and relationships!

CLASS: Reclaiming Your Sacred Spirituality

Founder of Discover Divinity, Cynthia Clarke, presents 5 Keys to Guide You In...

-Deconstructing & Letting Go of Toxic Belief Systems

-Aligning with a Spiritual Compass that is True to You

-Trusting the Innate Wisdom that Lies Within

Learn More about Cynthia's personal journey right here:

Wondering if 1 on 1 Sessions are the right fit for you?

Schedule your Free Discovery Session right here:

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